About kolekTIRV

kolekTIRV (ex-Trans Aid) is the first and only organization in Croatia working specifically on the rights of trans, intersex and gender variant persons. It was founded in 2012 with the goal of building the community, visibility raising, as well as promoting and protecting the rights of trans, intersex and gender variant persons in Croatia. kolekTIRV envisions society which celebrates diversity of identities, bodies and experiences. Our mission is to work on promotion and protection of human rights of trans, intersex and gender variant persons; deconstructing cisnormativity, the gender binary, patriarchy and heteronormativity; achieving full equality of persons of all genders, gender identities and gender expressions.


Promoting and protecting human rights of trans, intersex and gender variant persons
Working on individual and general welfare of our community
Empowering and capacity raising of our communities throughout Croatia
Eliminating violence and discrimination towards trans, intersex and gender variant persons


Community program (social and educational events and peer support program)
Visibility raising activities (raising visibility in media and organizing educational events for general public)
Advocacy activities (advocating for changes in LGR and healthcare for trans, intersex and gender variant persons)
Intersex program (online and individual peer support; translating, publishing, distributing toolkits and recommendations; educational events for general public and medical experts; research)

Our main partnerships include collaboration with activists and organizations from the region such as Trans Network Balkan, Rainbow families, Spektra, and with European organizations such as TGEU, ILGA-Europe, OII-Europe, IGLYO. We also collaborate with a lawyer and friendly medical experts and stakeholders.

The main decision-making body of kolekTIRV is the General Assembly. The Assembly consists of 12 active members of kolekTIRV. Most of the members of the Assembly are also members of the trans community which enables the organization to reflect the needs of the community it is working for. Another important body in our organizational structure is Executive Coordinator who is responsible for monitoring implementation of decisions made by the Assembly. There is also a Deputy Executive Coordinator who is in regular communication with the Executive Coordinator and is included in making organizational decisions at all levels.

All the major decisions, especially strategic ones and ones regarding budget, are made by the General Assembly, while the Executive Coordinator has the right to make certain operational decisions and it’s a process which involves the staff and Deputy Executive Coordinator.

Our staff is currently consisted of 4 persons: Executive Coordinator, Intersex Program Coordinator, Advocacy Team Coordinator, Head of Operations.

About kolekTIRV